How to display a Twitter Embeded Timeline feed on a BrightSign Player using BrightAuthor?

In order to display a Twitter Embedded Timeline feed please do the following:

1) Login to your Twitter account

2) Search for the Twitter feed you want to display

3) Click on the 3 vertical dots to open the hidden menu > click on Embed this profile

4) Click on Embedded Timeline


5) Click on Copy Code


6) Make a copy of the provided HTML file and rename it to something else (like Arsenal_Twitter.html as per the below example)

7) Open the newly renamed HTML file and paste the copied code from Step 5 between <div id="vertical-scroll">...</div>

8) Add the http: prefix to // so the full URL becomes > then save your changes.

9) Add the HTML site (the newly modified page with the CSS folder) to your BrightAuthor presentation via File > Presentation Properties > HTML Sites > Add HTML site > Browse to the location of the modified HTML file on your PC HDD > Click OK


10) Add an HTML state to your BrightAuthor playlist and make sure to enable "Enable External data"



11) Add a timeout transition event to that HTML state in order to refresh that feed at the desired time interval

12) Publish your presentation


 Both HTML/CSS and a BA demo example are attached this article.






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    This works great.  Any idea how to tweak the HTML file so that it loops through a certain number of tweets?  Otherwise, the screen just shows the most recent tweet from the account.

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    Christopher Gencarelli

    I agree. This works great however, it remains paused on the latest tweet. Any ability to have this scroll through a series of tweets?

  • 0
    Dr. Ken Hodgkinson

    I followed all the instructions and it is not working.  All it shows is the name of the feed and the content doesn't populate.  Is there something I am missing?


  • 0
    Brittney Larko

    Followed this tutorial and it does not seem to work. My HTML and CSS are correct, since it works fine in my browser window. This is what my end product looked like...Logo blurred out for confidentiality...Please make an update to this blog post or a new blog post on how to include a live scrolling twitter feed on a display...

    Edited by Brittney Larko
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