How to display a Twitter Embeded Timeline feed on a BrightSign Player using BrightAuthor?

In order to display a Twitter Embedded Timeline feed please do the following:

1) Login to your Twitter account

2) Search for the Twitter feed you want to display

3) Click on the 3 vertical dots to open the hidden menu > click on Embed this profile

4) Click on Embedded Timeline


5) Click on Copy Code


6) Make a copy of the provided HTML file and rename it to something else (like Arsenal_Twitter.html as per the below example)

7) Open the newly renamed HTML file and paste the copied code from Step 5 between <div id="vertical-scroll">...</div>

8) Add the http: prefix to // so the full URL becomes > then save your changes.

9) Add the HTML site (the newly modified page with the CSS folder) to your BrightAuthor presentation via File > Presentation Properties > HTML Sites > Add HTML site > Browse to the location of the modified HTML file on your PC HDD > Click OK


10) Add an HTML state to your BrightAuthor playlist and make sure to enable "Enable External data"



11) Add a timeout transition event to that HTML state in order to refresh that feed at the desired time interval

12) Publish your presentation


 Both HTML/CSS and a BA demo example are attached this article.






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  • 0

    This works great.  Any idea how to tweak the HTML file so that it loops through a certain number of tweets?  Otherwise, the screen just shows the most recent tweet from the account.

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    Christopher Gencarelli

    I agree. This works great however, it remains paused on the latest tweet. Any ability to have this scroll through a series of tweets?

  • 0
    Dr. Ken Hodgkinson

    I followed all the instructions and it is not working.  All it shows is the name of the feed and the content doesn't populate.  Is there something I am missing?


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