Update Notes

January 2021:

New Features

  • BCN-8136 (BETA): BrightSign modem is supported out of the box.
  • BCN-8171(BETA): DWS supports displaying USB cellular modem interfaces.
  • BCN-7971: Info tab now lists Power Source and PoE separately.
  • BCN-8404: Implementation of GET ~/v1/re-provision API to allow API users to trigger reprovisioning.


  • BCN-7971: DWS now reports Power Source as AC or Ethernet.
  • BCN-8441: Status handler is now a separate service.
  • BCN-8248, BCN-8252, BCN-8249, BCN-8250, BCN-8251: Reduced OS bandwidth usage.
  • BCN-7790: Improved DWS loading performance.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-8150: Fixed issue that would cause remote OS updates to fail.
  • BCN-8172: When DWS is configured in AutoMode, loading a video page will no longer return a null error.
  • BCN-7799: Fixed Download Crash Dump resulting in UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning in certain circumstances.
  • BCN-8059: Players with endpoints_only_use_registry set to true should no longer fail to connect to after reprovisioning.
  • BCN-8440: Supervisor datagram socket no longer depends on remote DWS being enabled to open.
  • BCN-8502: Applying a new device setup should now properly wipe previously configured proxy network settings.
  • BCN-8508: Fixed occasional corruption issue with subnet mask.
  • BCN-7241: DWS no longer shows the wrong timezone under certain circumstances.
  • BCN-8551: Blank local DWS should no longer use FireFox.
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