BSN WebUI File Uploads with Chrome

Updated: December 25, 2015
The BrightSign Network update on December 25, 2015 included a new file upload that does not require Silverlight, works with Chrome, checks for already-existing files in the Library, and also supports uploading files to specific folders.

Information below is now outdated (save for Chrome not supporting Silverlight - it still doesn't) and preserved for historical reference purposes only:

Google Chrome versions 42.x and newer no longer support the Microsoft Silverlight plugin; this plugin is required to upload files to the BrightSign Network from the WebUI. We are currently working to find an alternative file uploader that supports the widest range of browsers.

There are two ways to determine whether Silverlight is still supported on your version of Chrome:

  • Navigate to the Library tab in the WebUI and click the Upload New Files button. If you have the Silverlight plugin installed, but still see a pop-up stating “To view this content, please install Microsoft Silverlight”, your version of Chrome no longer supports Silverlight.
  • Open the Chrome settings button in the top-right of the browser and select About Google Chrome. If the Version number is 42.x or later, your version of Chrome no longer supports Silverlight.

We still recommend using Chrome with the BSN WebUI. If you need to upload files on the WebUI using Chrome, you can use the following workaround to re-enable Silverlight on Chrome:

  1. Enter the following URL into the Chrome browser bar: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
  2. Click the Enable button below the Enable NPAPI option. A dialog, including a Relaunch Now button, will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click the Relaunch Now button at the bottom of the browser screen.
  4. After Chrome relaunches, navigate to the following URL: If the page states that Silverlight is installed, the workaround has worked. If the page asks you to install Silverlight, the workaround has not worked: Try reinstalling Silverlight and performing the above steps again.
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