Supported audio formats

The following sections outline which audio formats are supported by BrightSign players.

  • AAC audio in H.264 Video (CBR only; no VBR support)
  • MP3 audio files as stereo or mono at a 48kHz or 44kHz sampling rate (MPEG1/MPE2 Video), with a maximum bit depth of 16 bits, and a maximum bitrate of 320kBit/s. 
  • WAV audio files as stereo or mono. We recommend a maximum bit depth of 24 bits at a sampling rate of 96kHz, 48kHz, or 44.1kHz (except for the HDx20, HDx10, and AU320, which may require a lower bit depth).
  • M4A and AAC audio files (requires BrightAuthor version 4.3.0.x or later; not supported in BSN presentations)
  • Dolby Digital (AC3) 5.1 audio in an MPEG2 or MOV video (pass-through over HDMI or TOSLINK w/ expander). Other multichannel audio formats may work as pass-through, but they are not officially supported.
  • DTS audio in the TS (transport stream) video container as pass-through. DTS in other containers (MOV, MP4, MKV) are not currently supported. Note that the XTx44 currently does not support DTS audio in any container.

Important: All tracks must have the same sampling rate, or you must enable the Mixed Audio feature, if you plan to output multiple audio tracks simultaneously (from either audio or video files).

XTx44/43, XDx34/33/32, HDx24/23/22, LS424/423, 4Kx42:

  • FLAC and Vorbis codecs (with the .ogg file format)


  • MP3 audio files as stereo or mono at a 48kHz sampling rate


  • MP3 audio files as stereo or mono at a 48kHz or 44kHz sampling rate
  • WAV audio files as stereo or mono
  • Dolby Digital (AC3) 5.1 audio in a video file (decode or raw pass-through)
  • PCM Audio in a video file (LPCM)



  • To play videos with surround sound, you must encode an AC3 audio layer along with an MPEG2 video layer.
  • BrightSign players do not decode surround sound (AC3) audio; but the audio can be passed through to a decoding device over HDMI of SPDIF.
  • If you are using Adobe Premiere to encode the video with the SurCode codec for audio, ensure that SurCode is in BluRay mode, not Dolby Digital mode.
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    • Gefen HDMI to HDMI Plus Audio converter, (SKU: GTV-HDMI-2-HDMIAUD, UPC: 845344056111) only supports multichannel analog output for LPCM 5.1 audio input.  It does NOT output analog for compressed audio formats.

      See pages v and 8 in the manual
    • Atlona HD570 will only supports multichannel analog output for LPCM audio input.  It does NOT output analog for compressed audio formats.

      See the Atlona product page -
      "This audio de-embedder supports uncompressed analog LPCM 7.1, 5.1, 2ch through the multi-channel analog outputs. On the optical output it supports Dolby Digital, LPCM 2CH and DTS signals. Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio pass through HDMI connection without being de-embedded."

    When you play the file on your laptop, unless your sound hardware is set to bitstream the audio output, it is decoding the AAC or AC3 and outputting multichannel LPCM.  That's why the Gefen box can decode it to analog.  It also does not work when audio is bitstreamed from a capable computer-based player, as bitstreaming does the same thing the BrightSign player does - it passed the encoded audio directly out to the device, rather than decoding it first.

    When you play it through the BrightSign player, the player doesn't decode the audio, so the encoded AAC or AC3 goes to the Gefen device which cannot decode encoded audio.

    The Gefen manual states this on page v, "This product does not decode audio formats."

    It does not work when sent multichannel AAC, Dolby Digital/AC3, DTS, or other encoded audio sources when sent from a hardware Blu-ray/DVD player (that isn't set to downmix to stereo), or a BrightSign player in Pass through mode.

    Depending on your situation, it may work to use multiple BrightSign players using BrightWall or synchronized presentations, each outputting two channels of audio.  Your audio will need to be split into separate stereo files.

    Edited by Brandon
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    Luke Smith

    Aside from the fact that support for AAC audio is only offered when encoded at a constant bit rate is ridiculous (how hard can it really be to include support for variable bit rates?), could you take a moment to spell out VBR and CBR on this page so that the people who are in the field and using these products don't have to guess at what you mean? Thanks.

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    what is the max bit rate for audio only playback using HD223?

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    Torben Tilly

    Can you please recommend a compatible decoder for use with XD233 to pass-through embedded AC3 audio file. Thanks in advance.

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    Hey there, since Dolby Digital (AC3) 5.1 audio  isn't supported by Adobe CC2018 anymore, can you name another 5.1 Codec that works? I have tried several without any luck. Dolby Digital used to work great.

    Edited by cabin_fever
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    If you looking for an external surround decoder to wire up powered speakers
    try this device. it works perfectly.
    SpeaKa SP-4916328 audio extractor

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    Can I play any uncompressed multichannel audio file (wav, flac) through an external surround decoder? how much channels player can handle?

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    Jon Holtze

    Hi Ivo


    Did the speka device work with AC3? And exactly what format and bitrate did you use to make it work?

    I have testet with a Goobay HDMI 4K2K 7.1 Audio Extractor. But that obviously not supporting AC3 even though it says so on multiple websites.


    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Jon,
    Yes the Speaka audio decoder works smoothly with AC3 audio
    I produce 5.1 AC3 from seperate uncompressed wav mono files using Apple's Compressor surround tool or with a multiitrack session in Adobe Audition.  usually 48Khz 448kb/s
    combine them with a MPEG2 or H265 encoded CBR videostream. No H264 (mp4 wrapper) as it has no support for AC3. This might be the reason you don't get audio decoded. The Goobay should be able to decode dolby AC3.  checkout TMPEG Smart Renderer great tool the produce and combine video-audio streams.
    best, Ivo

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    Jon Holtze


    The Speaka worked like a charm. Did'nt have any trouble at all.

    Made an mpeg 2 video in 35 mbps and used an AC3 audio track of 640kbit in mode 3F2R/LFE.

    Then i combined the two tracks in TSmuxer. Worked at first try.

    So the conclusion is that some of these boxes like the goobay are just a piece of crap :)


    / Jon

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