BrightSign Network - ports and URLs for the BrightSign players

Networked BrightSign players will attempt to communicate with the following addresses:

  1. (primary), (alternative)
  2. (for content downloads)
  3. (for snapshot uploads)
  4. (for snapshot uploads)

NTP Port Configuration

By default, BrightSign players are configured to use the HTTP Time Protocol (HTP) to synchronize their clocks with the BSN time server. However, they can also be configured to use NTP, in which case UDP port 123 is used to set the date and time. This is a standard port used for setting time, though it is occasionally blocked on some networks.

IP Addresses

ICMP should be allowed for the following IP addresses (ports 80/TCP, 443/TCP, 123/UDP) for BSN communication to work:


Because BrightSign players should be able to connect to Amazon S3 services, and there is no official list of Amazon S3 networks, players should be able to connect to any IP address on port 80. If this is not possible, the following addresses and networks should be allowed for Amazon S3 connectivity:

ImportantBecause Amazon S3 IP addresses change frequently, the below list may be incomplete and may not cover some networks that resolves to. Customers should not use these addresses for mission critical applications and must never hard code them in DNS names. - (CIDR: - (CIDR: - (CIDR:


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  • 0
    Fabricio Villegas Mora

    The is some changes in this urls and ports?

    We are installing a project in a financial organization, and we need to open only the needed urls and port to work.

  • 0

    The URLs and ports are listed at the top of the article.

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    Eric Ramay

    Do the ports need to be open for inbound, and outbound?

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