Can BrightSign players receive IR commands from a remote?


Every BrightSign player with a USB port supports the Iguanaworks USB IR transceiver. Players can use this transceiver to receive IR commands from a BrightSign remote or other infrared devices.

The XTx44, XTx43, XDx34, XDx33, XDx32, 4Kx42, HDx24, and HO523 models also have a 3.5mm port for sending and receiving IR commands, while the XDx30 models have a 3.5mm port for IR output only.

Please contact for more details if you want to use a 3rd party remote with the BrightSign. 

BrightAuthor:connected and BrightAuthor have predefined text values that correspond to different keys on the BrightSign remote control. See this FAQ for a list.

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    MidwichAU Support



    "while the XDx30 models have a 3.5mm port for IR input only."   is it correct? do you mean it receive IR only ,not sending out?



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    BrightSign TechDocs

    Hi Gavin,

    Thanks for catching that typo; the XDx30 models support IR output only over the 3.5mm port. This error has been fixed.

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    Anthony Gillespie

    Are the USB Transceivers plug and play? If not, how do they work?

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    You need to create a presentation in BrightAuthor and use the "Remote Input" event to specify a command syntax, and what should occur when the IR command is received by the BrightSign.

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    Eric Quintana

    Will the Brightsign Remote control work with an XT243 using and IR receiver plugged into the 3.5 IR port?

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    S. Fischer

    Hi Everyone,

    as far as i know, the XD1030 has IR Input on Pin 1 of the GPIO - according to the GPIO Button Board BB200 there is a seperate channel dealing with IR. If I can recieve signals over that Pin, how i handle this signage within BA? Can i remote that unit with a spare Apple IR Remote? Thanx in advance


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