Can BrightSign players receive IR commands from a remote?


Every BrightSign player with a USB port supports the Iguanaworks USB IR transceiver. Players can use this transceiver to receive IR commands from a BrightSign remote or other infrared devices.

The XTx44, XTx43, XDx34, XDx33, XDx32, 4Kx42, HDx24, and HO523 models also have a 3.5mm port for sending and receiving IR commands, while the XDx30 models have a 3.5mm port for IR output only.

Please contact for more details if you want to use a 3rd party remote with the BrightSign. 

BrightAuthor:connected and BrightAuthor have predefined text values that correspond to different keys on the BrightSign remote control. See this FAQ for a list.

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    MidwichAU Support



    "while the XDx30 models have a 3.5mm port for IR input only."   is it correct? do you mean it receive IR only ,not sending out?



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    BrightSign TechDocs

    Hi Gavin,

    Thanks for catching that typo; the XDx30 models support IR output only over the 3.5mm port. This error has been fixed.

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    Anthony Gillespie

    Are the USB Transceivers plug and play? If not, how do they work?

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    You need to create a presentation in BrightAuthor and use the "Remote Input" event to specify a command syntax, and what should occur when the IR command is received by the BrightSign.

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    Eric Quintana

    Will the Brightsign Remote control work with an XT243 using and IR receiver plugged into the 3.5 IR port?

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    S. Fischer

    Hi Everyone,

    as far as i know, the XD1030 has IR Input on Pin 1 of the GPIO - according to the GPIO Button Board BB200 there is a seperate channel dealing with IR. If I can recieve signals over that Pin, how i handle this signage within BA? Can i remote that unit with a spare Apple IR Remote? Thanx in advance


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    Mark Dyer

    BrightSign model HD224

    After using 2 days on this, I would like to add my findings to help future users, as the documentation for the IR remote is lacking in my opinion.

    There are two ways to get an IR signal into the BrightSign. 

    1. Though the USB port using a Iguanaworks USB IR
    2. Though the 3.5 mm IR jack.

    METHOD 1

    Even though the HD224 has the 3.5 mm IR jack, the BrightAuthor 'Remote Input Event' is unavailable when creating a presentation for the HD224.

    I would hope that using a player with USB, that method 1. combined with the Iguanaworks USB IR works together with the 'Remote Input Event'. But have not tested this.

    METHOD 2

    Here you need to buy a 3.5 mm IR receiver to plug into the 3.5 mm IR port. BUT that does not work with BrightAuthor and below, UNLESS you have a plugin script. BrightSign support was very quick to send this plugin script (thanks).

    With this script you can just add a 'Zone Message Event' that listens for the correct button on the remote, and then you can trigger what you want to trigger.

    But the plugin script does have a few bugs in it. When you publish (at least online publishing) you have to do it twice, or the script does not work. This was my biggest problem, finding this out helped a lot!

    Then the codes shown in the presentation that comes with the plugin script are the number codes from the remote (these are good if you are not using BrightSign's recommended Remote). 

    However if you are using the remote you should use the names for remote buttons WEST, EAST, NORTH, SOUTH, etc. If you use the numbers shown, it will not trigger.  

    This is due to the script sending a zone message with one value, and using another value sent to the variable used in the presentation to display what button you have pressed.

    I have fixed this bug in a script I have sent to BrightSign support. Hopefully this is updated so it with not confuse in future.

    Hope I have been of some help, and have not just confused you more ;)


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