How do Time Servers (NTP and HTTP) work on BrightSign players?

Last Updated: May 22, 2017

BrightSign players support setting their time using the HTTP and SNTP time protocols. While SNTP requires port 123 to be open to set the time, HTTP does not.

See this FAQ to learn how to set different time protocols.

Time Configuration Workflow

The BrightSign player makes multiple attempts to connect to the time server at startup. If an attempt is successful, the player will set its clock and then communicate with the time server every 12 hours to recalibrate it.

If the initial attempt fails, and the response takes less than 8 seconds, the player tries again immediately. If the response takes longer than 8 seconds, the unit waits 2 minutes to try again. Each time there's a failure taking less than 8 seconds, the player waits a little longer to retry.

If you are changing the time server settings for a player that is part of your BrightSign Network account, the player will check the time server as soon as it downloads the updated sync file (i.e. the next time the player calls in).


  • A time of 88:88 indicates that the time is not set properly on the player.
  • Setting the time via HTTPS is also supported. If the player is accessing the time server through a proxy server, then HTTP should be used because it will honor the proxy settings.
  • SNTP is a simplified implementation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP). SNTP interoperates with standard NTP servers.
  • The default clock-update interval of 12 hours can be modified using the roNetworkConfiguration object in BrightScript.


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    Jeff Marshall

    When I go to your time server ( there is just a reference to an image. 

    I Would like to know how this works because we have a lan that is not connected to the internet, but one Server will be. We would like it to serve pages to the internal lan with things like weather and time etc.

    Is the time somehow in this image?

    Is there something else I should do other than using a php script to file_get_contents("") and echo it out to the client?

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    The unit must have Internet access in order to sync the time with the brightsign timeserver. You can point the unit to a different time server when creating setup files (Tools - Setup BrightSign Unit).

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    Jeff Marshall

    So what is the format of the time signal? Is BrightSigns expecting the unix epoch time code in a string? is it SNTP? Or NTP?

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    Jeff Marshall

    Sorry... I Didn't look above... I see that it is NTP... I will give that a try.

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