Publishing from a Mac

Last Updated: May 22, 2019

The upcoming BrightAuthor:connected software (available later in 2019) will support both Windows and Mac OS clients.

Until then, there are several methods for publishing to a BrightSign player using a Mac:

  • A growing number of third-party CMS partners support using BrightSign players with their systems.  Some of them may have Mac OS clients.
  • If you want to use BrightAuthor, you can run it on a Mac using windows emulation software like Parallels.
    Note: For Parallels, and possibly other Virtual Machine software, it is best to use Bridged Networking mode which puts the Windows virtual machine on the same network as the host, just like if it was a real computer.
    See this article about networking modes in Parallels for more information:
  • If you are using the player for simple fullscreen playback without network updates, you can display looping content on the player by simply copying content to the flash card, and powering up the unit with that card. No playlist file is required. The files will play back alphabetically as a looping playlist. Ensure that the content types are supported and the proper extensions are used.
  • You can perform many operations from the BrightSign Network WebUI (an account is required). Player setup can now be performed directly from the WebUI. You can also use the WebUI to create fullscreen, non-interactive playlists and publish them to your networked player(s). See the BrightSign Network product page and  BSN WebUI User Guide for more information. 
  • You can author rich presentations using BrightPlates (a BrightSign Network or BrightPlates account is required).  See the BrightPlates product page for more information.
  • You can also create a script file using any plain text editor and copy that script along with your content to the flash card. Scripts allow greater control of playback, including Interactive playlists.
  • BrightSign players also support legacy playlist (autoplay.bsp) and Interactive playlist (autoplay.csv) formats. These can be edited with any plain text editor. Creating .bsp and .csv files is outlined in this legacy user guide.
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    Can you provide a best guess date as to when Bright Author will be available on a mac?

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    Q3 will be my best guess for at least a beta release of brightauthor connected. 

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    Ali Shadfar

    getting close on a macOS Bright Author app?  10.15 (Catalina) is about to be released??

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    We have a beta out currently,, that includes a mac client, brightauthor connected. You can read it about it and download it from our website. 

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