What storage devices are supported by my player?

The Series 4 and Series 3 models (XTx44, XTx43, XDx34, XDx33, HDx23, LS423) support microSD cards, while earlier models support standard SD cards. Many player models support one or more additional devices (see below):

Note: See this FAQ for more information on storage device load order.

NoteWe recommend formatting your SD/microSD card using FAT32 (Series 4 and 3 players also support exFAT with firmware 6.2.94 and later). Formatting your card using NTFS allows you to play media files that are 4GB or larger in size, but the player will not be able to receive network updates or generate logs.

  USB SD microSD SSD(M.2) mSATA
XT244     X  
XT1144 X   X  
XD234     X  
XD1034 X   X  
XT243      X   
XT1143  X     X   
XD233      X   
XD1033  X     X   
HD223       X     
HD1023  X     X     
LS422  X     X     
4K242   X  X   
4K1042 X  X  X  
4K1142 X  X  X  
XD232    X  X    
XD1032 X  X  X    
XD1132 X  X  X    
HD222   X      
HD1022 X  X       
LS322 X  X       
LS422 X  X       
XD230    X  X    
XD1030 X  X  X    
XD1230 X  X  X    
HD120     X        
HD220    X       
HD1020 X  X       


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