Can I add scrolling text to my presentation?

Last Updated: October 19, 2016

Yes, you can use a Ticker zone in BrightAuthor to display scrolling text similar to a stock or news ticker (requires BrightAuthor version or later):

  1. Add a Ticker zone to your BrightAuthor presentation.
  2. Navigate to Edit > Playlist, select the Ticker zone, and click Zone Properties.
  3. Set the Text Appearance to Scrolling.
  4. Click OK to exit the Edit Zone window when finished.

This feature is also available in BrightScript via the roTextWidget object and JavaScript via the BSTicker object.

Note: The scrolling text feature is available on the following models: XTx43, XDx33, HDx23, LS423, 4Kx42, XDx32, HDx22, and XDx30 models. 

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