Can I connect my player to a 4G/3G network?

Any player model that has a USB port can use certain models of 4G/3G USB modem. Any USB modems that appear as standard serial ports (including the Pantech UML290 3G modem) should work. 

Follow these steps to initialize a compatible USB modem:

  1. Download the autorun.brs file attached to this FAQ,
  2. Place the autorun file on the root folder of an SD card.
  3. Insert the card into a BrightSign player.
  4. Power up the player with the USB modem attached.
  5. Wait a minute or two for the configuration process to complete.

You can now set up the player normally using BrightAuthor, and the player will use the USB modem for any network connection attempts.

Contact for additional assistance.


Update 09-25-2018

We have recently updated the support of cellular modems to include the Huawei K5160 4G USB Modem, for Vodafone UK. 

Please open attached zip and follow the BSN USB Modem Setup procedure included in the zip. For this specific device, you will NOT use the attached autorun. The zip contains an updated setup file and plugin that enables support and keeps the modem active.

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    Gideon Kirui


    I have followed the following procedure but still not able to use a 4G modem.

    The player model is XT1143 and the modem is Huawei E173.


    Regards Gideon.



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    Ross Halford

    Can you confirm if the Huawei E3372 is to be supported? This is an Ethernet host type modem with it's own IP?

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    Dan Sloane

    Do you have a list of supported non-US USB modems that are supported? The Pantech seems to be a Verizon-branded product. 

    Huawei kit needs to use usb-modeswitch in Linux to switch from it's initial disk mode for driver installation to modem mode.   Is this something Brightsign can handle? 

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    Patrick Hein

    Hallo There

    just like Ross, we would like to know if the following (current Huawei mobile-broadband) are supported with BrightSign. We would like to use them in Europe (Switzerland and Germany):

    Here are the current Product Lineup of Huawei:

    We would prefere a USB-Stick-Version

    Thanks a lot for every input.

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    Dan Johnson



    Huawei is not currently a manufacturing partner of BrightSign, so there is no official hardware validation process on our end. These adapters get validated on a case by case basis, per client's specific applications. Our current OS/Firmware should support the current Huawei chipset, but as we have found per manufacturer and region, modification to the Default Setup files and Plugin may be required to initiate the connection, and keep the connection live. We have also found differences between adapters tied to a subscription vrs a pay-to-go plan. My recommendation would be to test the adapter prior to deployment. in the event that one of t he above methods do not work, you can send us the adapter, and we can validate the hardware support and update the Default Setup files and Autorun for you.

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    Dan Sloane

    Just an update from my experience.  Given the difficulties with getting 3G/4G dongles working with the Brightsign, I moved to using an external 3G/4G router.   

    One benefit of a router, of course, is supporting multiple Brightsigns. This model works nicely and isn't too expensive for a commercial project....

    The Huawei dongles are equally hard to get working reliably on Linux machines (including Raspian on Pi) due to the requirement to switch from disk mode to modem mode.  See usb_modeswitch.  Afaik, the Brightsign is a Linux computer, so I expect suffers from the same problem. 





    Edited by Dan Sloane
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    Daniel Regli

    Hi from Switzerland

    We succsesfuly integrated a HUAWEI E3372H USB Modem with a BS XD1033!

    We can offer a stable solution for 2 Swiss based Telco providers:

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

    The Media Solutions Team!

    PS. If You're interested in this solution, drop us a mail!


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