How do I play content on a BrightSign player?

Last Updated: March 12, 2015

There are three ways to play content on a BrightSign player. They are listed here in order of complexity.

  1. Simple Looping Playlist: Copy your content (images, videos, or audio files) to a flash card. The BrightSign player will loop the content in alphabetical order.

  2. BrightAuthor: You can use BrightAuthor to schedule content playback (both simple looping playlists and more advanced interactive presentations). BrightAuthor allows for day-parting multiple schedules and remotely distributing content. Visit the Quick Start Page to get started with BrightAuthor. You can also visit the Tutorials Page and view the BrightAuthor User Guide for more details
  3. Custom Scripts: Use custom plugins to extend the functionality of BrightAuthor. 
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