What is the Diagnostic Web Server?

Starting with version 3.7.44, BrightSign firmware features a Diagnostic Web Server, which allows you to inspect various settings and details on the player by simply pointing a web browser at the player IP address (your browser must be on the same local network as the player).

See the Diagnostic Web Server User Guide for more details.

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    Laurynas Baublys

    Does this function work with HD210 which are managed over simple file networking? As I understand this diagnostic cannot be enabled distantly?


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    Yes, this function works with the HD210. IF you already have simple networking setup, you would have to take the existing autorun published by your brightauthor software, edit it to add in a call to turn on the diag server, and publish a project with the custom autorun attached. We would recommend creating a new project for this test.

    For example, you can open the autorun script, and right under the first line, where it says SubMain, add the additional lines below. This will turn on the diag server

    Sub Main()

    registrySection = CreateObject("roRegistrySection", "networking")

    if type(registrySection) = "roRegistrySection" then

    ' write web server enable

    registrySection.Write("http_server", "80")



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    How exactly do you access to the web interface when you're using windows?. It's not very clear since I don't have bonjour installed in my PC.

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    Enter the IP address of the unit in a web browser to access a diagnostic web server. This assumes the computer and the brightsign are located on the same subnet, and a diagnostic web server was enabled in setup files.

    If you have Bonjour (Apple Bonjour Print Services for Windows   http://support.apple.com/kb/DL999) installed on your PC, you will be able to access a diagnostic web server by typing a URL like http://brightsign-a2c245000489.local/ in your web browser. Replace “a2c245000489” with the actual serial number of your player in order to access it via your web browser.

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