Can I control my display using a BrightSign player? (CEC, Serial, VSYNC)

Last Updated: May 25, 2016

Yes, BrightSign players can be configured to send serial and CEC commands to your display, including turning it off and on at specified times. Players can also be used to place a monitor into a power-save mode at specified times. These actions can be done using an interactive playlist or a custom script.

Using Serial commands

Watch this tutorial video to learn more about sending serial commands.

Using CEC commands

CEC commands work over HDMI only and require a display that supports CEC over HDMI. You can check in the display manual whether CEC commands are supported or not. You should also use the latest BrightAuthor and firmware production releases.

There are default commands for "on" and "off", or you can send custom CEC strings for other commands.

  1. Create or open an interactive presentation.
  2. Open the state or event when you want the CEC command to be executed.
  3. Select the Advanced tab.
  4. Click Add Command.
  5. Select BrightControl from the Commands drop-down list:
  6. Use the Display On or Display Off commands to send "on" or "off" commands to the display. You can also select the Send Ascii String command to send a custom CEC command.


Note (for HD110-HD1010 models): CEC is only supported on our rev G units. If you look at the 3rd digit in your serial # on the BrightSign, it says what rev the unit is.

Using Monitor Power Save Mode Commands

You can enable or disable monitor power save mode, which kills the signal on the HDMI and VGA ports. The Enable monitor power save mode command places the display into standby by turning off the video signal from the BrightSign player. You can then use the Disable monitor power save mode command to reactivate the signal on the HDMI and VGA ports, thus turning the display back on.

Power save mode commands are added using a similar process to the CEC commands outlined above, but you will select Video > Enable/Disable monitor power save mode commands. See this FAQ for more details. 

Scheduling Display Cycles

You can schedule when the BrightSign player turns the display on and off on any models that support scheduling. You can use a separate project to turn off/on the screen. See this video for details.

Please keep in mind that a player need to know the date and time for scheduling will not work.


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    HG40NA570LFXZA - Samsung LED Model 40" 570 works with CEC, brightcontrol on and off commands.

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    Serial: hg40na570lfxza - power off command works over serial (8,34,0,0,0,1,213) but power on (8,34, 0,0,0,2, 212) fails to turn on the display once it's off. 

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    Greg Springer

    So we are demoing an LS422, with an E series 2015 Vizio display.  We were able to successfully turn the display on and off, using brightcontrol commands, however there is a problem.  If the TV is on and we use the TV remote to turn the display off, then the brightcontrol command to turn the TV on does not work.  The solution that we found was to power cycle the brightsign unit and then it would work correctly.  We even tried sending a "Display OFF" command while the TV was powered down to make sure there wasn't some sort of power state flag set on the bright sign unit, but still the command didn't work until we power cycling the brightsign unit (The TV was always plugged in).  Any help would be appreciated, this is making me hesitant to purchase the unit.

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    George Lawlor

    Can you create a power on/ power off button within the app to control a TV via CEC control? 

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