How does LiveText Data work with XML/RSS files?

We based the XML format of Live Text Data on an RSS feed: This is a simplified XML file with support for “Title” and “Description” tags.  Each field will display the contents of the “Description” tag.

You can select an item to be displayed based on its name (Item title) or its index number in the file (Item index).  

You can use the RSS format to build the source Data Feed.  See the example screenshot and RSS feed below:




Example RSS XML

To display “$3.99”, you can use “Item Description” radio button and enter “HotDogPrice” as the title. Since "HotDogPrice" is the second item, you can alternatively select the “Item Index” radio button and specify the number 2.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<rss version="2.0">


    <title>Sample List File </title>

    <description>This is an example of an live text feed file</description>



      <title>Item 1</title>

      <description>Hot Dogs</description>








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    Is it possible to show other tags and just "title" and "description"?

    Say i want to have also a tags called <small> and <big> is this possible?


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    Yes, with a plugin you can add the others in.  You can attach a plugin to a feed that will parse the feed, and the content so the unit can use it. 


    In the example you give,  the data would be entered in blocks of four. SO, if you're using index to reference content:

    index 1 = Hotdog

    2 = $3.99

    3 = $2.10

    4 = $6.00

    And, then it would repeat for indices 5, 6, 7, and 8. Or, f you don't want all three prices in your data, only  the title (hotdog), and then the small and big prices would be added so your data set would be blocks of 3. 

     This plugin is called menu, and the function name is the same. 


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