How do I switch presentations or change layouts in BrightAuthor?

Last Updated: May 31, 2016

You can use the Switch to Presentation command to switch from one presentation to another on the fly. This is useful if you need to change the zone layout without manually republishing the presentation.

NoteAll presentations must use the same resolution. Otherwise, the player will need to reboot to change its output resolution.

  1. Create a BrightAuthor presentation with an Interactive playlist.
  2. Navigate to File > Presentation Properties > Switch Presentations.
  3. Click Add Presentation and use the Browse button to locate and add the presentation you wish to switch to.
  4. Give the presentation a Name (this can be different from its saved project name).
  5. Open the event where you want to switch presentations. Click the Advanced tab.
  6. Click Add Command and select Other -- Switch to Presentation.
  7. Use the Specify Presentation dropdown list to select the presentation you wish to switch to. Alternatively, you can select Specify via user variable if you want to use the value of a user variable to determine which presentation to switch to.

You can use the Switch to Presentation command to link together as many presentations as needed. Note that all presentations added in the Switch Presentations tab will be published along with the master presentation.

Example: The below presentation uses a BP200 event to switch from one presentation to another.




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    Jeff Marshall

    I am glad that this is possible. however I am confused by point number 4. 

    Where does the name of the presentation come from?  Is it coming from the autoplay xml file for each presentation?

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    When you save a project on your computer, the <project name>.bpf file is created.

    <project name> is what you need to type in the Parameters field.

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    J Fleck

    I have several presentations set up and have a control zone with all the listen for UDP etc.  Upon receipt of a UDP message I have the control zone switch to another event, and there are two commands listed.  The first is a zone message just for diagnostics and it is operating correctly.  I can see the message in the logs.  However my switch presentation command doesn't seem to be doing anything.


    L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:33.856 I=1015 D= L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:33.892 I=1001 D=YES L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:33.917 I=1002 D= L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:33.978 I=1016 D=autoplay-FNTN-DEFAULT-TEST.xml 0 L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:34.059 I=1016 D=autoplay-FNTN-DEFAULT-TEST.xml 100 L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:34.082 I=1004 D=autoplay-FNTN-DEFAULT-TEST.xml L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:34.085 I=1016 D=autoplay-FNTN-BLUES-TEST.xml 0 L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:34.115 I=1016 D=autoplay-FNTN-BLUES-TEST.xml 100 L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:34.147 I=1004 D=autoplay-FNTN-BLUES-TEST.xml L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:34.150 I=1016 D=autoplay-FNTN-CARDS-TEST.xml 0 L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:34.164 I=1016 D=autoplay-FNTN-CARDS-TEST.xml 100 L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:34.195 I=1004 D=autoplay-FNTN-CARDS-TEST.xml L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:34.197 I=1016 D=autoplay-FNTN-BLUES-CARDS-TEST.xml 0 L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:34.218 I=1016 D=autoplay-FNTN-BLUES-CARDS-TEST.xml 100 L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:34.245 I=1004 D=autoplay-FNTN-BLUES-CARDS-TEST.xml L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:34.248 I=1005 D= L=d T=2013/06/26 08:46:34.645 I=1023 D=FNTN-DEFAULT-TEST


    L=e S=Default T=2013/06/26 08:47:01.760 E=udp D=CardsNow A=1 L=s S=Cards T=2013/06/26 08:47:01.761 Y=eventHandler LS=Default LE=udp LD=CardsNow L=e S=welcometootr.JPG.jpgc47a9392-16d0-4744-9a7f-f55a12001927 T=2013/06/26 08:47:01.763 E=sendZoneMessage D=HelloCards A=0 L=e S=Cards T=2013/06/26 08:47:01.765 E=sendZoneMessage D=HelloCards A=0 L=e S=welcometootr.JPG.jpgc47a9392-16d0-4744-9a7f-f55a12001927 T=2013/06/26 08:47:04.323 E=timer D= A=0 L=e S=Cards T=2013/06/26 08:47:04.324 E=timer D= A=0 L=d T=2013/06/26 08:47:04.329 I=1015 D= L=d T=2013/06/26 08:47:04.384 I=1001 D=NO L=e S=welcometootr.JPG.jpgc47a9392-16d0-4744-9a7f-f55a12001927 T=2013/06/26 08:47:05.338 E=timer D= A=1 L=s S=Facebook Ad.jpg8b027f97-bb26-4ee8-95d7-01cac2c657bf T=2013/06/26 08:47:05.392 Y=image LS=welcometootr.JPG.jpgc47a9392-16d0-4744-9a7f-f55a12001927 LE=timer LD= L=e S=Cards T=2013/06/26 08:47:05.394 E=timer D= A=0


    My reading of the logs shows that it changes to the new section of the control zone and sends the zone message, but I don't see anything to switch presentations.  Also, when I publish the default presentation, I see it copy the graphics that are in that list, but never see it copy any of the other graphics to the simple networking directory.  What else do you need to help resolve this issue?



    I did upload the two files that I am testing with.

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    "Switch to presentation" command is attached to the home state of the FNTN-CARDS-TEST.bpf project (Audio zone). It means that FNTN-CARDS-TEST.bpf should not even start playing because it's supposed to switch to FNTN-DEFAULT-TEST.bpf.


    However, in the FNTN-DEFAULT-TEST.bpf the presentation name in the "Switch to Presentation" command (that's attached to the home state) corresponds to the name of the project.


    I think you need to deal with your Switch to Presentation commands in these 2 projects, and figure out what project you want to switch and when.

    I would recommend to remove the "Switch to Presentation" commands from the home states, and add them either to UDP events or different Event Handlers that are in the Audio zone.

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    Rodrigo Valencia

    I managed to switch from one zone presentation to a multlizone presentation, however the multizone presentation loops itself once it's finished and does not go back to the first presentation, i would like to know if there's a way to timeout the switch presentation so it goes back to the first one after a previously set time.

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    I am seeing the exact same, i want to loop between 2 presentations, 1 multizone and one fullscreen.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Rodrigo,

    i think i may have an answer,

    Setup 2 projects - Project 1 = Multizone, Project 2= Fullscreen. follow the above instructions as to adding the projects

    in project one you need to switch to presentation - project 2 and then in project 2 you need to setup a switch to presentation - project 1, thereby creating a loop. Specify the timeout to set how long you would like each project to display. Hope this helps.

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    Monica Knutson

    How do we schedule presentations that switch to another presentation using BrightSign Network?  For example:

    We have a menu board with multi-zone layout

    We have an "ad" screen with full screen layout

    After 300 seconds on menu board we want to jump to the full screen ad layout.  The ad has an MRSS feed using a Dynamic Playlist.  When Media End on the MRSS it should switch back to the zoned presentation.

    We can publish a schedule with the zoned presentation, but how do we link the full screen ad presentation to the Group on BrightSign Network?

    Thank you!

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    Brecht Gettemans

    Hi all,

    I'm probably doing something wrong; but I can"t seem to get my advanced commands working. I want to switch after a few seconds (so I use the timeout command) from a full screen to that same full screen but with a PIP, so a second zone with live input (xd1230). I tried by switching presentations and by hiding:showing zone, but that doesn't work. Am I forgetting something?



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