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Last Updated: December 15, 2016

There are four methods for creating synchronized presentations. Use the following descriptions to decide which method is best for your digital signage deployment.


Resources: BrightAuthor User Guide -- BrightWall Presentations

This feature allows streamlined creation and publishing of looping video playlists for video walls (images cannot be included in the playlist). BrightWall can be accessed by navigating to the Create tab and selecting BrightWall™. BrightWall is only available in BrightAuthor versions 3.8.0.x and later.

BrightWall is the easiest way to create and publish video walls:

  • It has tools for generating video wall content by splitting up a single video or integrating several video files into a synchronized wall.
  • It allows you to save the video wall project as a single presentation file. With standard synchronization or Enhanced Synchronization projects, you will need to create and manage multiple presentations (one master and one or more slaves) for a single deployment.
  • It allows for simplified publishing using Standalone or Local File Network methods. Standard and Enhanced Synchronization projects, on the other hand, require separate publishing steps for each player in a deployment.
  • Advanced IP configuration is not required for most networks.

The simplicity of BrightWall presentations also includes some drawbacks. You can only create simple looping playlists: There are no options for interactivity. Furthermore, only MP4 and TS video files are supported (images cannot be included in the playlist).


The Autowall Plugin Kit allows you to publish video walls that automatically resize to fit the number of players in the wall. Autowall presentations play videos from BSN Dynamic Playlists or MRSS feeds (any image or audio files that are part of the feed will be ignored), and also supports a multiscreen-ticker option.

See this page to download and view instructions about the Autowall Plugin Kit.

Enhanced Synchronization

This option allows for more closely timed Synchronize events. Master and slave events execute within a few milliseconds of each other. Enhanced Synchronization can be enabled by navigating to File > Presentation Properties > Interactive. This feature is only available in BrightAuthor versions 3.8.0.x and later.

Enhanced Synchronization offers some of the benefits of BrightWall presentations without the same drawbacks—though they tend to be more complicated to create and publish. The close execution benefit applies only to image and video states within an interactive presentation: Synchronized transitions to and from audio files and presentation states (such as Event Handler, Live Text, and HTML5) do not benefit from Enhanced Synchronization.


Resources: Can I synchronize multiple BrightSign players?, How do I create a video wall?

This is the original synchronization option, which entails using Synchronize events and commands without enabling Enhanced Synchronization. This option should be used with legacy synchronized presentations.

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  • 0
    Ding Bayer

    How if, i have 1x3 wall and every wall have different video file with audio but in 1 timeline, so the 3 wall has sync, why my screen 1 only have audio and the screen 2 and 3 is none? is it possible that the screen 2 and 3 having audio also.

  • 1

    When using the BrightWall feature, audio only comes from the master unit. This is how the BrightWall feature was designed, to have one audio source.

    If you want to have audio from all BrightSign units, you will need to use the Enhanced Synchronization or Synchronization methods.

  • 0
    Pickering Soccer

    Trying to synchronize seven TVs to display the same sponsors simultaneously.

  • 0
    mario navarro

    I want to syncronice 10 videos for a video-art installation. What kind of bright sign player do I have to use? Videos are HD 5 min lengh each. Thank

  • 0
    Ross Halford

    I would just use 10 LS423s in a sync wall. I've done exactly as you describe in several locations with 10 screens over a year ago and it's still working flawlessly to date.


  • 0
    Brecht Gettemans

    Is there a way to pauze and resume a brightwall presentation? Technically I need to start a brightwall presentation at a given moment, after that it can run in loop for the rest of the time.

    Other question, does the audio on the hdmi on each player work when correctly selected when creating the brightwall presentation?

  • 0

    With BrightWall, there is no File Presentation Properties, Only File - BrightWall Presentation Properties. Once this opens there are only 3 tabs. Main- Configuration-Audio. No advanced.

    So I cannot do any advanced sync. is the bright author version.

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