What image transition effects are available in BrightAuthor:connected and BrightAuthor?

The following image transition effects are currently available in BrightAuthor:connected and BrightAuthor:

  • No effect
  • Image wipe from top
  • Image wipe from bottom
  • Image wipe from left
  • Image wipe from right
  • Explode from center
  • Explode top left
  • Explode top right
  • Explode from bottom left
  • Explode from bottom right
  • Venetian blinds – vertical
  • Venetian blinds - horizontal
  • Comb effect – vertical
  • Comb effect - horizontal
  • Fade to background color
  • Fade to new image
  • Slide from top
  • Slide from bottom
  • Slide from left
  • Slide from right
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    Trasition effect are not working


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