BrightAuthor doesn't show one or more of my files under the Media Library

 Last Updated: October 27, 2015

BrightAuthor recognizes specific extensions for image, video, and audio files. Only files with these extensions appear in the Media Library. Additionally, if you select a zone in your project that only plays certain types of media (like an Video Only zone) only supported media types will be displayed.

Note: If you've added a file to your media library after opening BrightAuthor, you need to hit the Refresh button in the Media Library section.

Supported Extensions

Audio files: .mp3, .wav, .ac3 (pass through only)

Image files: .jpg, .png, .bmp

Video files: .mpg, .vob, .ts, .mov, .mkv, .mp4, .m2ts, .wmv

Text files: .txt

You may need to convert your file to a supported format. If you have a video that is the correct format, but has an unsupported extension, you can simply change the file's extension.

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    Stephanie Alain

    For some files, I see them in the media Llibrary but it doesn't show a miniature. Even if my file has the right extention, I can't open it in Bright Author.. My files open normally in the computer.

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    Go to Help - About BrightAuthor and let us know what software version do you use. What do you mean you can't open the file in BrightAuthor? You can't drop the file to a playlist? BrightAuthor can't playback the files, but the BrightSign unit can.

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    Shannon Oelke

    Saved .jpg files are not appearing in my media folder, after refreshing several times and restarting the program. I'm sure the content is in my destination folder. I've also tried dragging/dropping my jpgs into Bright Author but it won't allow it.  Here is the version I'm using -

    Thanks for any help.

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