My BrightAuthor schedule doesn't work if I use multiple projects

Last Updated: October 20, 2016

If scheduling one presentation to play all the time works, but setting multiple presentations to play at different times of the day fails, the problem is likely caused by the date, time, or timezone setting on your player.

To support day parting, the player either needs a real-time clock (RTC) or needs to be connected to a network with a time server.

  • The following models have a real-time clock: XTx43, 4Kx42, XDx33, XDx32, XDx30, HDx23, HDx22, LS423, LSx22, HDx20, AU320. 
  • See this FAQ for details on changing the default time server. If the player still has the incorrect time when connected to the Internet, try the solutions outlined in this FAQ.
  • Make sure the player is set to the correct timezone. See this FAQ for more details on setting the player time zone.
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