"Assertion...Failed" errors when using BrightAuthor

This type of error can be caused by proxy server or firewall blocking BrightAuthor's access to the Internet. Even if you aren't using a BrightSign Network account, BrightAuthor contacts BrightSign Network servers to get the latest firmware versions for public and beta releases.

Please try and duplicate the problem again, then exit BrightAuthor if it’s still open. Locate the eventlog.txt file in one of the locations below and forward it to support@brightsign.biz, along with a description of the problem.

The eventlog.txt can be found in the following locations. You may need to set your computer to show hidden files and folders to find this folder. 

Windows Vista


Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\lyndon\Local Settings\Application Data\BrightSign\BrightAuthor\

Windows 7


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    System Restore to where the program was working properly fixed this issue.

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