Local File Network troubleshooting

Last Updated: March 21, 2017

Note: Local File Networking supports a maximum of 10 players on a local network. Exceeding this recommended number may cause unreliable behavior when publishing to players. For larger deployments, we recommend using the Simple File Network or BrightSign Network publishing methods instead. 

Note: Local File Networking is not supported on Windows XP.

By default, BrightAuthor uses Bonjour to discover BrightSign players on the local network. If either Bonjour or BrightAuthor is blocked by your firewall software, then discovery won’t work. Bonjour is sometimes listed as "mdnsResponder" and uses UDP port 5353. It's also possible this is just a temporary issue; the list often takes a few seconds to refresh after after you select the Publish > Local File Network or Manage > Local Network tabs.

  1. Verify that you are using the latest production version of BrightAuthor software and player firmware available on the Downloads page.
  2. Verify that the SD card is inserted into the player and has not been manually edited since Device Setup. There is a program installed on the card during device setup that listens to publish requests from BrightAuthor.
  3. Perform the Device Setup process again.
  4. Verify that you don’t have an active VPN connection. Local File Networking is only supported on the same subnet.
  5. Use the BSN Connectivity Checker (available on the Developer Resources page) to determine whether your firewall software is blocking connectivity between BrightAuthor and the player.
  6. Disable proxy settings in Internet Explorer.
  7. Hit the refresh button on the Publish > Local File Network or Manage > Local Network tab.
  8. Leave the Publish or Manage tab, then return.
  9. Quit and reopen BrightAuthor.

Notes: Some users have reported that antivirus software that includes network components can block Bonjour (e.g., Kaspersky antivirus).

Manual IP Configuration

If the problem persists, try manually configuring the IP settings of the player:

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Networking and uncheck the Enable Bonjour box.
  2. Use this method to wipe the registry of the player.
  3. Go to Tools > Setup BrightSign Unit and use the Advanced Network Setup option to configure the player with manual IP settings.
  4. Copy the new setup files to an SD card.
  5. Insert the SD card and power on the player.
  6. In BrightAuthor, navigate to Publish > Local File Network, click the Add icon under Publish, and enter the IP address of the player.
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