How do I use BrightSign Network subscriptions?

See below for answers to common questions about BrightSign Network subscriptions.

What are BrightSign Network subscriptions for?

Each BrightSign player configured to use BrightSign Network (BSN) must have an active Internet connection and an active subscription in order to be managed and receive content updates from BrightSign Network service. A standard subscription represents a single player’s ability to connect with the BrightSign Network for a fixed amount of time (typically, one year).

You do not need to pay extra to use the BSN WebUI or BrightPlates, and you can add as many users as you wish to your BSN network—you just need to have at least one active subscription.

How many subscriptions do I need?

Each player connected to the BSN account needs to have an active subscription.

If a player configured to use BrightSign Network does not have an active subscription, it will not report a status (gray question mark), receive content updates, or be able to be controlled from BrightSign Network.

In the Advanced tab of the player's status on the BSN Web UI, it will report a 403 error and the player will not be report a status or receive content/schedule updates.

How do I activate a subscription?

ImportantYou must activate a purchased subscription within 60 days of the date of purchase. After this time period, purchased subscriptions that have not been activated may be deleted as part of regular BSN maintenance.

Once you purchase a subscription, a key code will be emailed to you. If you receive the code on a sales order or invoice, it may be in the Tracking Number field.

The key code is in the format
meaning 10 letters/numbers, dash, 9 letters/numbers, dash, another 9 letters/nuumbers, dash, and another 10 letters/numbers.  All letters are UPPERCASE and there are no spaces in the code.

This key code is used to activate the subscription on your network:

  • If you are adding subscriptions to an existing network, visit and log in to your network. Once logged in, click the Settings button in the top right corner of the page. Enter the code in the Add Subscriptions text field to activate the subscriptions.
    If you have trouble entering the code, make sure there are no spaces, the dashes are present, and you haven't mixed 0 (zero) with the letter O.
  • If you are creating a new network, follow the link for new users contained in the Email. Enter your desired user credentials on the Registration page.

By default, Automatic Subscriptions Management is enabled in a BSN account, so an activated yearly subscription will be automatically added to a player once its current subscription expires.  If Automatic Subscriptions Management is enabled, you do not need to manually assign subscriptions to players and generally should avoid doing so - just make sure there are subscriptions in the Available queue.

However, if you have disabled Automatic Subscriptions Management and would like to manually add subscriptions to players, you can follow these steps:

Note: You need to be an Administrator (or be part of the General Manager or Network Manager roles) to activate subscriptions. If you created the BSN network, you are the Administrator by default.

  1. Navigate to the Current Usage tab in the WebUI.
  2. Click the arrow to the left of the player’s Health Status.
  3. Select an available subscription to activate on the player. You can find a specific subscription to use by entering the I.N. (invoice number) and clicking Search.
  4. Once you’ve selected the desired subscription, click Add.

You can add multiple subscriptions to a single player. When the player needs a subscription, the first assigned subscription will be activated, and the other subscriptions will be marked as “queued”. A queued subscription will not be activated until the current subscription expires.
If you need to reassign queued subscriptions, see this article:
--> How do I reassign a subscription to another player?

 What does the subscription status mean?

There are two ways to discuss the status of a BrightSign Network subscription: in terms of their system usage and in terms of their device usage:


This status details how a subscription is being used/assigned within the BrightSign Network system. You can see this status in the Subscriptions Information section and the Add Subscription window in the Current Usage tab.

  • Available: The subscription is available to be assigned to a player. The subscription does not have an expiration date yet unless it was previously assigned to a different player.
  • Activated: The subscription has been assigned to a player and activated. The subscription has a defined expiration date.
  • Queued: The subscription has been assigned to a player, but has not been activated yet.


This status describes a subscription that has already been activated on a player. You can see this status reflected in the Status column in the Current Usage tab.

  • Active: The activated subscription is currently in use on the player.
  • Suspended: The player has no active subscription, or the activated subscription has been suspended by the Administrator or the System Administrator. With a suspended subscription, the player cannot connect to the BSN servers or conduct any operations that require a BSN subscription. However, the subscription is still tied to the player.

What happens when I disable Enable Automatic Subscriptions Management?

The Enable Automatic Subscriptions Management option (located in the Subscriptions Information section of the Current Usage tab) is enabled by default. This option affects how subscriptions are activated on players:

  • Enabled: Inactive subscriptions are automatically assigned to a player if it requires a subscription to stay connected to BSN (i.e. its grace, demo, or yearly subscription has expired). You can still choose to queue subscriptions for a player if desired.
  • Disabled: Inactive subscriptions must be manually assigned to players. This means that, if a subscription has expired, and the player currently has no queued subscriptions, it cannot use BSN services until you manually activate a subscription on the player.

What are the different types of BrightSign Network subscription?

  • Demo: Demo subscriptions last for differing amounts of time and are given out at the discretion of the BrightSign sales team. These subscriptions are limited and designed for demonstration purposes only.
  • Grace: If you already have a BSN network, you can connect a new player to the network for 30 days for free, regardless of the subscription status of other players on your network. This gives you time to configure, install, and test new players on your network before going through the process of buying yearly subscriptions for them.
  • Yearly -- Standard: You can purchase yearly subscriptions from the BrightSign Web Store or by contacting Each yearly subscription allows you to connect a single BrightSign player to your BSN network for one year, and includes the WebUI and BrightPlates services. BSN users that have notifications enabled will be notified by Email when a subscription is nearing expiration.
  • Yearly -- BrightPlates: A yearly BrightPlates subscription allows you to connect a single BrightSign player to your BrightPlates network for one year. Players that have this subscription type can be managed using the BrightPlates UI only; they cannot be managed with the BSN WebUI or BrightAuthor.


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    Ben Parker

    How do I move a subscription from one player to another? I have two players that got installed in the wrong location and the two that did get installed are set up for the network but do not have subscriptions. How do I deactivate the first two and move the subscriptions to the other two machines?

  • 0

    Ben, please open a support ticket telling us:

    1. The Name of the BrightSign Network Account
    2. The From and To serial numbers for subscriptions needing to be moved:
      For example, Move 1 Subscription FROM X0H425001146  TO X2H47R023221
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