Why can’t I upload files to the BrightSign Network from my browser?

Last updated: 26 December 2015

In order to upload content to the BrightSign Network, your browser must have access to api.brightsignnetwork.com on port 443. Make sure this address and port aren't blocked in your firewall.

The following table describes which browser and operating-system combinations support content uploads via the BSN WebUI.

  Chrome 47+ Mozilla 43+ IE 10+ Edge Opera 34+ Vivaldi 1+ Safari 9+
Windows XP X X     X X  
Windows 7 X X X   X X  
Windows 8 X X X   X X  
Windows 10 X X   X X    
Mac OS X            



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    Hemant Desai

    I am looking to find the content tells me how to release a subscription from one unit to another? I don't see it.

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