Why does the 4K canvas appear as 1920x1080 in BrightAuthor?

While the XTx43/XTx44 support rendering 4K graphics (with the Full resolution graphics option enabled), other 4K-capable models (XDx34, HDx24, etc.) render graphics at HD. When you create a 4K presentation for one of these models, the canvas will read as 1920x1080, which will then upscale to 3840x2160 when you publish the presentation.

The above process applies to graphics/HTML only: All 4K-capable models render 4K videos at their native resolution without upscaling.

For an upscaled 4K presentation, the size and position coordinates must be halved for all zones: For example, if you wish to display a second video that is HD (1920x1080) in the lower-right quadrant of the screen, you will need to set the video zone size (W:H) and position (X:Y) to 960x540.

Note: HTML pages in an upscaled 4K presentation must have a specified width and height (up to 1920x1080).

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    impossible create 4k project impossible add 4k video 4k pictures .... WTF

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    Please explain to me, how I would set my resolution layout of my canvas, if my goal is to scale the video to 2880x1728 so that it plays perfectly in my screens?

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    Richard Schopf

    Live Video with a PC attached doesn't seem to read the scaling correctly.


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    This is not an acceptable solution at all.

    Why bother with 4K photos if they get crunched and stretched back and look awful. Unacceptable for client use!


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    Sam Wirtz

    Just bought an XD1033 to play 4k UHD content and Images. It seems to be totally useless at this task as a single zone is limited to 1920x1080 pixels. So my content is first downscaled to Full HD, then upscaled to 4K again. The picture quality is horrible ! Will there be a software / firmware supporting 4 zones in the future ???

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    Tobias Becker

    Model comparison concerning Full resolution graphics:

    If somebody is looking for the "Full resolution graphics" option here are some screenshots from Brightauthor
    and how the menu changes. If you select e.g. 2160p/25 in the first tab   in the 2nd tab you are offered a new tic box.

    If you select 2160p/50 the option is gone again:

    Just to clarify where the option is for this.
    Once selected the Zones are available in UHD resolution.

    Personally it was unexpected at best for a "flagship model" like the XT1143 to NOT support 4k for both overlays + graphics  &  50/60p video but I'm guessing its a resource problem since graphics might render in 4:4:4 while the H.265 is only 4:2:0.. really looking forward to future upgrades in this regard.. :-)


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    You can playback 4k images on the 4k player.

    If you're using an XT player, then it supports a full resolution option that's used for html mostly. WIth this full resolution option enabled when you create the project, you can drag 4k images into a simple looping playlist. The full rez option isn't supported with all 4k modes. ON the xtxxx3, it's supported on 4k resolutions that are 30p. For series 4 it's available on 30 and 60p modes.


    But, even without that setting, you can play 4k images using the medialist and imagelist widgets.


    For players that don't support the full resolution setting or for a project where it's not enabled, ba doesn't currently let you drag 4k images into a simple looping playlist. But, you can add a medialist widge or imagelist widget. Both have a 4k checkbox. With that box checked, you can add 4k images to the imagelist or medialist, and playback your 4k content.

    BA will be updated to address this issue where you sometimes can't drag 4k images into a 4k playlist even if the unit supports 4k image playback. But, it's definitely supported. 

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