Can I receive usage statistics from a player over

Yes. The Control Cloud, which is included with all BrightSign players running OS 8, is a free subscription service that grants access to real-time basic health information of connected players through BrightAuthor:connected. The content cloud also allows for basic system diagnostics. Other features of the Control Cloud include B-Deploy, OS updates, and remote reboots. 

The Management Cloud, fee-based, provides a complete set of digital signage network management tools. It collects and stores in-depth data surrounding performance measures such as proof of play, player performance, player health, and remote snapshots. It also will send vital information through email notifications such as any player issues and subscription expiration. 

BrightSign players log various amounts and types of data. In device setup, under Logging: Event, Playback, State, Diagnostic, and Variable logging can be enabled. You can also set the frequency of the upload of logs to the 


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