How to use your cloud storage as a free server for simple file networking with

   In this article, I'll try to describe an alternative to the webservers that are typically used for SFN publishing. My assumption is that you don't have requirements for authentication between your server and the player. This can be approached as a cost efficient alternative to cloud options currently available.
   Note: If there are concerns for data privacy and security, this approach won't be suitable for you. Please seek the help of IT professionals that are knowledgeable in this area.

   Disclaimer: This is just something we have observed that works with our players, and we can't be held liable in case of any change of terms and conditions. The approach here relies heavily on 3rd party services to work.

 It will be important that you're already familiar with the knowledge given in these articles:

The next step is to set some limits for how inexpensive this approach is. Currently I think all these storage options could be used with this approach. 


The price and storage space each provides varies. So, you may need to investigate if any additional fees would be applied beforehand. 

Once you've got an account on one of these platforms, you can go to and register a free domain there. Your domain will be appended with a 

The SFN URL for webfolder will be something like this:

These are the limitations of a free account on at the time of this writing;


It's pretty modest but if there is flexibility within your content and bandwidth, free usage could still be viable. Works by syncing with your cloud storage and making your files available from a static web server.

You can, for example, have google drive application on your machine to sync your folders where you can directly publish to from BrightAuthor:connected. Where would sync with your Google drive account to serve those files.

So, you can directly publish to a local folder where your cloud storage option syncs with:


Or, you can make a publish to a directory on your machine and manually upload those files to your folder on your cloud storage and will sync with that folder.

Once your panel on shows all your files as synced, on it's next check for content call the player will download the new files and the rest is the same for all SFN publishes.



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