Need to create interactive menu which works on all pages

Hi...  I'm trying to create an interactive menu which will display on the lower part of each page, without force coding the graphic on every single content page.  Depending on how deep into the content the user is, will determine how many buttons to display.  For example:

Main page will have links to 8 sub-pages (we'll call this level 2).  Those sub-pages link to additional content (we'll call this level 3).  Those add'l content pages will have even more content (we'll call this level 4) and so on... 

The level 2 menu will just have a home button to go back to the main page.  The level 3 menu will have a home button and a button which links to level 2 content.  The level 4 menu will have a home button, a button to the level 2 content AND a back button to the level 3 content.

I tried to create a separate zone at the bottom of the page, which would contain the graphics and click zones.  However, when I do this, the new page appears in the zone menu along the bottom... not in the main zone. 

Is there any way to click inside the menu zone and have it launch the content back into the main zone? 

Any advice is greatly appreciated... even if it is to tell me I should create the menus a completely different way!  

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    yes, you'd have to have a main zone that's listening for zone message events that are sent depending on what you click on in the menu zone.  So, in each touch region in the menu zone, you'd send a zone message for that touch area. And, in the main zone, you'd listen for that zone message to tell you what to do in the main zone. 

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