4k Templates?

Maybe I am missing something obvious, but when I create a 4k (3840x2160) presentation in BrightAuthor, and go to Layout, the max zone size is 1920x1080. Why can't I create a 4k layout?




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    This is a limitation in brightauthor currently. It doesn't affect your ability to playback 4k content, and the content will be played back in native 4k. It's not downsized or scaled. 

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    Ahto Vaher

    Have the same issue. How am I supposed to create 4K/UHD layouts then? My output needs to be 3840x2160 but i need to make sure may zone starts at 0x0 and is 2340x480 because it's displayed by a LED screen with that size and the rest of the image will be discarded.

    So how can I create 4K/UHD layouts with several zones with exact sizes and positions?

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