Sushi demo data

Hi all,

The sushi demo uses a JSON file to provide the menu data.  

Is it possible to use data from a different source for this demo ?   For example, data from an Excel spreadsheet ?   Or if not, from a MySQL database ?



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    You could export your excel data as xml, and then modify the javascript to read from that source. You can modify the javascript to read from anything. YOu just have to edit the code to process the data you want it to read. 

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    If using data from an Excel spreadsheet, I would want it to be automatic - meaning that if a change is made to the spreadsheet, then the same change appears on the signage screen.   A manual export as XML after each change probably wouldn't work.

    So what are the data source formats that Brightsign players can pull from ?   XML ... (but any others) ?

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