Beacons 4K

Hello all you happy people!

I want to use the new tool of BrightSign, "use of Beacons" but there's no much information about.

Well..from the beginning.

I have a 4K1142, and I have an Estimote Beacons.

When I configure my 4K1142 w/BrightAuthor v4.6 the option to use Beacons is available. But, by the specs documments of 4K1142 I don't see any bluetooth...I watched a video of the infocomm2016 and they had connected a "USB - dongle" in their 4K1142. I need a "USB-bluetooth"?

And, after, how to make a presentation to use "Beacons"?



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    Ottmar Konrad

    Hi Team,

    i'm also interested in having these questions answered. Any chance for this in the near future?


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    Mac Chambers

    Hi Team,

    I have 7 XT1143s and I am also interested.  I added the beacons through Bright Author - Presentation Preferences, but I would like to know more on how to use them, they don't seem to be working.


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    For the 4k1142, you'd use a usb beacon that includes bluetooth.  Please contact support, and I can send sample beacon presentation to test. we'll be posting those on our website as well.


    For the new series 3 players, the bluetooth functionality is included in the wireless/bluetooth adapater that you can install in the unit. Those adapters will be available shortly. 

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