BSCECTransmitter, returned true but no results.

I have a BS XD1033, and trying to use the BSCECTransmitter Brightscript javascript object to send command to the display via CEC-HDMI. The monitor Im using is a Samsung Signage TV, and it does have Anynet+. (HDMI CEC supported) 

My question is, whenever I try to send the code to display off, as according to the sample, I get a response true but the display does not goes off.

var cec_control = new BSCECTransmitter();
var buffer = new Uint8Array(2);
buffer[ 0 ] = 0x40;
buffer[ 1 ] = 0x36;
So far I have another TV (LG signage SM5KB) and the code too does not work on this.

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    Can you test the same cec commands using brightuathor instead of html to see if the commands fail there as well? Also, what firmware are you testing on? You should test with the latest 6.2 firmware if it's available for you player. 

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