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I am trying to create a simple menu to display live text from an .xml file hosted on Dropbox.  I have tried many different times to get data to show up without any luck.  I get confirmation from BrightAuthor saying the data feed was accessed successfully, but when i try to add live text data by the Item title or Item index the only thing it returns is "None"

I have tried copying the tutorial:


Would anyone have a simple XML file/link that works for them.  I have tried many variations of XML RSS feeds but have not had any luck pulling text.  If i can get anything to show up I can just modify it and get the data that I need added.  But as of right now I have not had any luck with any XML/RSS I have tried.

I'm using BrightAuthor 4.6 and will be loading files on BrightSign XD232,  Everything will be set up on a local network with internet access.




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    Scott Sherrick

    Turns out you need to have a public folder in Dropbox to place the files in.  If you have a Dropbox account created after October 4, 2012 you will not have one.  You need to have a Pro or Business Dropbox account now to request to create the public folder.  Odd that it was saying the original shared links were accessing data but they were not in reality.  Once I made the request to create a public folder and added the .xml everything worked.  Just had to copy the public link to access it.

    Here is a link for info and to create a Dropbox Public folder.




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