Playback Logging and double "/" bug back again?


We're having difficulty with log uploads in Simple File Networking.

We are using XT1143 players with the latest firmware We are using simple file networking, and have the players set for upload logs at boot up as well as timed. It attempts once a day (6am) per our settings to upload the log file, but not working we believe due to the double slash issue. When we try to reboot the player expecting the logs uploaded on boot, it doesn't work... we are using wireshark and iis logs, we can't see the POST statement (after reboot) come through at all.

Regarding the double slash issue, as reported in this post from 2012, it seems to be a problem we are encountering again. Not sure if this affects our log upload issue....


For example... when we set up the Brightsign, under URL for Web Folder setting, if we put in this "/" at the end...

then we get a double slash in trying to get the current sync .. "/ba/ba-master//current-sync.xml"

Any ideas what we may be overlooking?




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