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I have a number of live events where I use multiple bs units to create keyboard triggered playback across multiple screens.

I set up a master player with a USB keyboard or number pad and then on each video I create a seperate keyboard event to trigger every video. On the start of the file I set the bs to output UDP so the other units trigger the correct file. I then Add a resume and pause udp keyboard trigger to each master video. For a set up of more than a few videos the programming tree is massive and complicated.

My issue is I do a number of similar events each with various numbers of videos, because the tree is so complicated if I try to use the same programming file and swap over the videos to the newer ones so thing inevitably goes wrong and finding where is almost impossible.

The question is as my files are always named the same i.e. 1A, 3Q represents screen 1 keystroke A or screen 3 key Q.

What would be good is if I can spend some time creating a project with every key on a keyboard programmed correctly but instead of pysically inserting the videos or updating them, instead build the programming so it calls a file from a referenced folder. That way all I would need to do is swap the contents of the referenced folder, and as long as the names are identical this should self a treat.

Can someone confirm if this is possible and if so point me in the right direction.


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    So, the commands map to a file of the same name? So entering 1A enter plays a file named 1A.mpg?

    There's a playfile widget in brightauthor that you can create or import from a csv file that lets you map a string to a specific file. So, all of your files and commands would sit in the same single widget in the project. 

    Your pause and resume commands would be done a little differently. But, could still be done so they apply to any video that's playing in the playfile widget.

    You could also use a simple plugin to take in your commands, and try to play a file directly in a folder on the sd card. 

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