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 Could someone walk me through the steps for creating a digital menu on a touchscreen? None of the information I have found so far is comprehensive enough for me to understand how to do the following.

1 Main screen with list of food items made up of Live Text fields over a background (I got this far at least). This is a 1 zone presentation.

2 Touch a menu item> new screen pops up with 3 zone presentation containing video in one, and text/images in the other two detailing the characteristics of the menu item.

3 Return button to go back to main screen.

Also can these events be tested/previewed solely in brightauthor? I tried creating a rectangle touch but I can't seem to test it.

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    NO you can't preview things like switch presentation, so you'll have to publish to see it working.  

    Do you have images you want to use for your menu? I have an old video I made using brightauthor years ago that walks through adding touch. All you need is an image or video to act as your menu, that you can then add touch zones to. See videos below.  The first one actually starts with a simple menu image with three items, adding three images to the project to connect to, then adding a touch zone to go from each item in the menu to a different file. 


    In the earlier brighauthor, the advanced menu for an event wasn't a separate tab, but it is in current brightauthor. To switch to a different presentation, you need to add a command on the advanced tab of one of your touch regions to switch. I'm adding a separate video that shows you how switch presentation works. 



    You'll need to add a command in your main presentation to switch to your 3 zone presentation, and then a command in that presentation to switch back. 





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