MRSS Feed not cycling images

We have created an MRSS image feed internally for our various BS units. We have gone through the various posts on the topic and have managed to make it so the BS unit loads the playlist with the MRSS and loads the first image, but then it gets stuck and only shows the first image - not cycling. I have checked the XML in IE and it all looks fine - no errors. I have posted the code below - can anyone see if there is something wrong?

BS Unit Log:

[ 187.090] *** 00:02:46.861 BHDM_PACKET:
[ 187.090] IEEE Registration ID 0x000c03
[ 187.090] *** 00:02:46.862 BHDM_PACKET:
[ 187.090] HDMI VideoFormat: No Add'l HDMI Format (PB4: 0)
[ 187.090] Analog output 1 unsupported on this hardware
[ 187.090] Analog output 2 unsupported on this hardware
[ 187.110] Analog output 1 unsupported on this hardware
[ 187.110] Analog output 2 unsupported on this hardware
[ 187.110] !!!Error BERR_NOT_SUPPORTED(0x8) at nexus/modules/file/src/linuxuser/nexus_file_posix.c:210
[ 187.110] TIME: Probe = 0.000543
[ 187.140] TIME: ConfigureResources = 0.022793
[ 187.280] BSPLAY: Image "/storage/sd/feedPool/6/a/nohash-30a7977ca8cc4c3986537e7747122c09ab8ceb6a" O 1080x1920 transition 0


XML Code:

<rss xmlns:media="http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/" version="2.0">
<title>WCC BrightSign Image Feed</title>
<title>background 2017.PNG</title>
<description>background 2017.PNG</description>
<guid isPermalink="false">695225</guid>
<media:content url="http://imagecycle.warrnambool.vic.gov.au/LHT-BS-BOXOFFICE1/background 2017.PNG" fileSize="695225" type="image/png" medium="image" duration="15"/>
<title>background sign.png</title>
<description>background sign.png</description>
<guid isPermalink="false">561830</guid>
<media:content url="http://imagecycle.warrnambool.vic.gov.au/LHT-BS-BOXOFFICE1/background sign.png" fileSize="561830" type="image/png" medium="image" duration="15"/>
<title>Box Office Hours.jpg</title>
<description>Box Office Hours.jpg</description>
<guid isPermalink="false">145549</guid>
<media:content url="http://imagecycle.warrnambool.vic.gov.au/LHT-BS-BOXOFFICE1/Box Office Hours.jpg" fileSize="145549" type="image/jpeg" medium="image" duration="15"/>
<guid isPermalink="false">2995465</guid>
<media:content url="http://imagecycle.warrnambool.vic.gov.au/LHT-BS-BOXOFFICE1/Slide1.PNG" fileSize="2995465" type="image/png" medium="image" duration="15"/>


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    First thing that I would do is avoid spaces in file names.

    May not be the cause for issue, but also not helping, and generally should be avoided as best practice recommendation.

    Start simple with a feed of two images that work, and build up from there.



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    Xavier Dannock

    Ah! of course. It is so simple.

    Removed spaces and it is now working perfectly. Thanks for your help :)

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    With pleasure.

    Thanks for reporting back!


    Spaces and other special characters, can be evil at times.

    That is why I have a habit to avoiding them altogether.

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