I need a BrightAuthor content creator!

We have a BrightSign XD1033 unit and a Viewsonic EP5520T  (it has a touchscreen). Both will live in the lobby of a hotel and will display content relevant to activities happening in the county. 

Content includes:
   A sign up for news name and email form 
       Event Calendar
       Instagram Feed
       Facebook Feed
       Time & Weather
       Shopping map
       Dining map
       Things to do map
       Hotel website
       Event center website

We like to have a custom icon (provided) to be used as the "touch" spots.

Presentations would be uploaded to BSN. 

If you have substantial experience creating successful interactive BrightAuthor presentations, please contact me at decli@littletownmarketing.com and put BrightAuthor in the subject line.

I need someone who is a visionary and knows how use the equipment to its potential; someone who is experienced and time efficient. 

I can stumble along and learn as I go, or just go with someone who has passed the stumbling and is the knowing stage.  

Thank you!


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