Videowall: Good practice for dealing with customers adverts


i hope you can help me with my question:

I am planning to operate a videowall with the following requirements:

  • several different customers can display advertising on the wall
  • a customer can define which advert from him/her will be displayed on which day of the week and can even specify different time periods on each day to display different adverts in the morning than in the evening
  • management of the videowall is done via the BSN Network

How can i accomplish this quite simple? To use the videowall i need an option to sync the screen's content so i want either to use the new plugin autowall or the brightwall feature.

I have a problem with the following use case:

Think of three customers A, B and C.

A wants to display a new advert at 10 a.m.
B wants to display a new advert at 11 a.m.
C wants to display a new advert at 12 a.m.

In this case i have to create 4 different playlists to integrate the relevant content at each specific time ...

I need a solution how i easily can define individually per customer from when to when an advent is displayed. Espacially the expense to change a advertising slot from one customer at a specific time slot should be low.

Thanking you in anticipation and best regards,


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