GPIO or UDP for controlling LED-stripes?


we are planning to install a 2-channel video-presentation that is synchronized with LED-stripes. Basic configuration: both videos start in sync, and at the end the LED-stripes light up for one minute before the next loop starts. A BrightAuthor presentation would do the sync job and send the commands to the LED power supplies.

What would be the best / easiest way to sync the players to the LEDs?

GPIO: as far as I understood we would need an interface (http://www.hms-electronics.com/BrightSign/data_sheets/bs_hd_4x4.htm) and a relais (cannot use BS-4X4R-REV2 since we need 230V, would not want to use Relay-2 since it has no safety approval).

Any suggestions for relais that would work? Am a little scared to run 230V to the relais and from the relais to a multisocket for 8 power supplies for the LED-stripes. Maybe there is a relais with plugs and sockets?

UDP: connect the players to a network switch and connect an UDP relais to the switch like this one: https://www.kmtronic.com/LAN-Relay-Controllers?product_id=63. Same problem: running 230V to and from the relais. Maybe a stand-alone relais like this one might work https://www.anel-elektronik.de/OnlineShop/main_bigware_34.php?bigPfad=22&items_id=33 ???

Do these ideas make sense, and which setup would you prefer? Do GPIO and UDP differ in usability, reliability etc.?

Any help would highly be appreciated!


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    Daniel OLeary

    I see this is an old post, but I'm curious what you ended up doing. I have done similar things both ways and in fact use one of the kmtronic UDP relays and it works well. Mine, however, actually powers up my whole Christmas lighting display. I then send cues from BrightSign to a theatrical lighting controller using media timecode events and UDP.

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    Hey Daniel,

    sounds like Christmas lighting is a serious thing for you :-). However, your setup sounds very smart!

    We ended up in using the kmtronic relais and UDP commands as well, just like you. Worked fine! UDP seems to be much more straight forward than GPIO for these kind of tasks.

    Merry christmas!

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