V6.2.94 on XD232 bug

Hi all,

I'am not sure on where to post it, and could not find any bugtracker or something likewise. So I will post it here.

Recently we replaced a broken SD Card on one of our players and thought it would be a good idea to update the firmware as well, since we were still using the 6.0.25 firmware for our XD232.

So we updated the firmware to 6.2.94 and went on to connect the player to our screen. Once the screen was up and running we noticed a purple line at the top of the screen. Luckily I brought my laptop with me and started BrightAuthor to look into the config file for our project. Nothing was changed here, so I stopped looking.

Then I connected the player to a PC monitor and experienced the same problem. Both on HDMI and VGA. Funny thing was that when I let the monitor "Auto adjust" it would solve the problem, but since we are not able to do so on our outdoor sinage, this isn't a solution.

Due to limited time I downgraded to the 6.0.25, since it was the only firmware we had laying around, and noticed the problem had been solved.

Anybody had a similar problem with this version of the firmware on a XD232 or different model? If so please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

See the attached image for the view with the firmware 6.2.94.


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