LS423: Setting USB-C audio via BrightScript

Hi. I prepared files a few years ago for a client using HD220/222 players but now they replaced them with LS423 players. The video plays but they aren't getting any analog audio via the official BrightSign USB-C audio adapter.

I'm not using BrightAuthor for this project. The script files are these:


I thought that the adapter would force the audio stream to be output over USB-C without updating the script? (Sadly I don't have access to the players but I can get the client to step through some troubleshooting if needed.)

Could it be a firmware issue? Were any LS423's released with firmware that didn't support the USB-C adapter?

Do I need to create an roAudioPlayer object and set the SetAudioOutput method to 1 for USB audio? (or is that for external USB DACs? The BrightScript docs don't seem to differentiate between USB DACs and USB-C analog audio passthrough.)

I would love a little guidance. Thanks!




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    Bright Scripters

    Hi Zach,


    To my understanding, since you are playing the audio from a video file, you would use the SetAudioOutput() function, but on the roVideoPlayer object like so:

    v = CreateObject("roVideoPlayer")


    Probably best to install the latest firmware too.


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    Zach Poff

    Just following-up. I had the client update the firmware today to the latest version. The USB-C to analog audio adapter now works fine. No scripting changes required. (So FYI some LS423 units must have shipped without support for the USB-C audio adapter.)

    Note that you need to plug in the adapter before booting. (If you plug it in later the player won't recognize it.)

    Hope it helps somebody.

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    Bright Scripters

    Great feedback.
    One learns something new every day :)

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    James Curran

    Thank you Zach! It really is necessary to reboot before this thing will work if you plug it in while on. So glad I found this post.

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