Play all files on USB stick

My client wants to play all files on a usb stick. These files could be named anything.

They also want these files to play without rebooting the player.

If not what can be done or changed to make this work?

Is this possible?


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    I'm assuming they don't want to build a playlist in brightauthor. So, they're only using usb to play, nothing else? They're starting with usb?

    And, they want to be able to put in a different usb stick, and have the player start playing from that usb stick?

    This file will play all content on a usb stick. If you remove the usb stick, and reinsert it, then it will scan the usb stick, and restart playback after scanning.



    To use, just copy it to a usb stick with content.


    If you create a folder called "boot" on your usb stick, and put a copy of this file in the folder, in addition to a copy in the root of the usb stick, when the unit boots, it will load the script into memory of the player. Once that's done, you wouldn't need a copy of the usb stick anymore. Any usb stick inserted would content would be treated the same way by the new boot script. 



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    wang xiao tong

    hi Lyndon,

    sorry , I don't understood above. can you send me a step guide-line for reference.


    my client wants to use USB update content on there are offline player too. see my question below:

       please email me if can : tong.w@ptt-asia.com


    Thank you very much!

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