GPIO Event to multiple players


I have a button that each time I press, increase or decrease a variable.

On BrightAuthor I setup a project where we can see the number on the screen.

The idea is to set up 3 players that will show different videos and that the number is always the same on each one.

I tried with 1 LS422 and 2 HD223 players by simply connect the button to the 3 players using the GPIO port.

The problem is that each time I press the button, for example, the HD models go to the number 3 and the LS stay at number 2. Not always but in fact it's happening too often and the numbers stay unsync...

Is there any other way to do this? Or do I need to use 3 players of the same model? 


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Nelson Parreira

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    Nelson Parreira

    Found the Solution. Used the UTP event.

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