BrightSign rs422 Serial Control of an AJA KiPro

BrightSign Serial Control of an AJA KiPro

 Device Hardware:

-BrightSign XD1230 v6.1.76

-AJA KiPro v3.2.0.17

-StarTech IC232485S, rs232 to rs422 active converter


Cabling Hardware:

-rs232 BrightSign to StarTech = F to M, straight thru:

pin 2 Rx to pin 2 Tx

pin 3 Tx to pin 3 Rx

pin 5 GND to pin 5 GND

*note-this does not comply with the StarTech spec manual which seems to describe the rs232 port as pin 2-Rx and pin 3-Tx

-rs422 StarTech to KiPro = F to M, StarTech to VTR custom:

               pin 1 Tx-(A) to pin 8 Rx-(A)

               pin 2 Tx+(B) to pin 3 Rx+(B)

               pin 3 Rx+(B) to pin 7 Tx+(B)

               pin 4 Rx-(A) to pin 2 Tx-(A)

               pin 5 GND to pin 4 and 6 (Rx and Tx common)


Hardware Configuration Settings:


-Presentation Properties/Interactive:

               -Port = 0

               -baud rate = 38400

               -data bits = 8

               -parity = odd (odd is spec in VTR manual but in testing, “none” also works)

               -stop bits = 1

               -protocol = ASCII

               -Send EOL = CR (although in tests, any combination of EOL settings still works)

               -Receive EOL = CR (although in tests, any combination of EOL settings still works)


                              -dipswitch set to rs422 mode (although in tests, dip switch in auto mode also works)

             -AJA KiPro

                -config setting 35.2 – “Remote Control” set to “RS422 ONLY”

 Command Codes:

               -BrightSign is set to send “Serial Bytes (comma separated)”

                              -PLAY command is “32,1,33,13”

                              -STOP command is “32,0,32,13”

Explanation of code:

               Various online documents describe the protocol for standard VTR rs422 commands.



These are described in hexadecimal format.  The command for PLAY in these manuals is 20,01,21 and STOP is 20,00,20.  Converted to decimal format for the BrightSign is 32,1,33 and 32,0,32.  The last number in the BrightSign serial bytes “13” is the decimal equivalent to a “Carriage Return”.

I was also using the software app “Putty” to test this.  With Putty you need to enter the command in ASCII.  The command for PLAY would be “space bar, ctrl a, shift 1” followed by pressing “enter”.  The command for STOP is “space bar, ctrl/shift 2, space bar” followed by pressing “enter”.

I have also tested commands using the Extron app “data viewer” which allows entering a string in hexadecimal and then sending.  When doing that, the CR was not included in the hex string. With data viewer all the below actions were confirmed except we didn’t test “record”.

 AJA says the KiPro can do these commands:




               Fast Forward


 Emailed requests for help to AJA and www.drastic.tv were returned and much appreciated.  Making sense of all the code and getting it to work on the BrightSign was an epic journey and I hope my experience can help other save some time.  I’m told other high end digital recorders with rs422 like Blackmagic Hyperdecks and Video Devices Pix250i also use VTR commands.

 Good Luck


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