Display serial information on screen.

Does anyone know if there is a simple way to show Serial/RS232 information on screen? Possibly with live text? I searched around with no luck.

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    You can assign the input to a User Variable and display the User Variable in a Live Text state.

    1. Add a user variable to the presentation to hold the incoming data
    2. For serial or zone messages, use the wildcard <*> as the input, for UDP messages use the wildcard <any> as the input.
    3. In Advanced assign input to fixed variable and select the user variable you added
    4. Display the user variable in a Live Text state.
      Note that embedded carriage returns, linefeeds, and other nonprintable control characters will affect the displayed output, so if you don't see anything, check that there aren't extra leading/trailing characters coming in.

    It may be helpful to add a command to concatenate start and end characters to what's displayed to detect this.

    For example,
    (BrightAuthor) Set Variable variablename [ $$variablename$$ ]
    (BA:connected) Set Variable variablename [ {{variablename}} ]
    to display the input with leading [ and trailing ]

    If you don't see the leading [ and trailing ], then there are extra non-text characters in the input and/or the text has wrapped.

    Setting the Live Text item's Text Attributes to a fixed font size and increasing the height of the item will allow you to see if the cursor has moved to the next line.

    Here's what UpdateCRMeLFSoonTABPlease looks like with prepended [SPACE and appended SPACE]


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