Media RSS old data feed activity - Feature Request

Note to BrightSign Dev Team for future versions of BrightAuthor and BrightAuthor:connected:

If a Media RSS feed is removed from a Zone and not used, please do not have the players continue to access the data feed, even though the player no longer loads images from those feeds.

Thank you!


Note to other BrightSign users:

If you delete a Media RSS feed from a Zone because you are no longer using it, please go to Presentation Properties, and on the Data Feeds tab delete the associated Media RSS Feed URL(s) (click on the x to the left of the line with that URL).

Otherwise your BrightSign players will continue to access that feed all the time using bandwidth, even though the players do not download images from it to use.


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    There are use cases where data feeds are used indirectly (parsers doing special stuff, status "pings" to servers, etc, network variables) so automatic removal may be problematic.

    That said, it would be nice to have a prompt if the feed is not being (directly) used anywhere for playback, similar to how there's an option to remove unused user variables which also may be indirectly accessed/used, though it's uncommon.


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