Stream stored SD content from Brightsign over Wifi network

Hi. I'm looking into setting up an XD 233 player to play a captioning video to tablets in our 4D theater. We use Medialon as our show control software, and I would send a UDP command to the Brightsign to play the captions when the show starts. I imagine the video to be stored on the Brightsign SD card and played each time the show begins.  The tablets would access the video over wifi, so people that need the captioning would be given a tablet to view the captions in parallel with the show. I see that there is a media server plugin on github, but I'm having problems getting it to work.  I can sometimes connect to the Brightsign IP over port 8090 with VLC, but it's just a black screen. In searching forums, I've seen mention of a sample project with UDP play/pause using the media server plugin that may be similar to what I'm trying to do with this, but the link is long gone. I would really appreciate any assistance or advice on this. Thanks


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