Live audio stream or Audio List 'fade out' from Timeout event?

Hi guys,

 I'm on BA, on a good ol' XD1132. Interactive playlist.

I'm trying to fade out a Live Audio Stream or a Audio List (from a timeout event) and go to a separate/independent audio file, once that separate audio file is finished playing, it would go back to the Live audio stream or Audio list.

I'm using interactive playlist, but can't get the fade out part to work. Enhanced Audio also cuts the list or audio stream out.

Can someone please guide me to the right steps to accomplish the "fade out" from a timeout event placed on the audio list (or a live audio stream)?

This is the closest I found to my question:


...but my coding/script skills are no good, tried some things that came to mind, but failed, so decided to just ask.


Thank you.



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